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Dear Members,

The founding mission of MESTDER is to be a unifying, democratic and scientific umbrella association, as well as defending the rights acquired in the field of medical aesthetics. I would like it to be known on behalf of me and the board of directors that we will continue our work on this path non-stop, and that we will carry our association of which I am a founding member, further from the point we have taken.

With our national and international congresses, cadaver trainings, regional meetings, we aim to continue the necessary studies and carry on new ones in order to increase our awareness and power both nationally and internationally, without deviating from the scientific evidence-based approach. In line with this goal, it is our duty to cooperate with other associations, our stakeholders and other components of the sector, and to raise awareness of our people on medical aesthetics. While friendship, solidarity and scientificness will be our philosophy, we will also be a light and inspiration to our youth.

We look at the future with hope and love. It should not be forgotten that together we are strong.
Best Regards,

Dr. Yasemin SAVAŞ
President of Medical Aesthetic Medicine Association